Withdrawing Loyalty Loans

Begins this Friday (27), the second stage of withdrawal of FGTS up to $ 500.00 account active or inactive.

Employees who are Lite loan customers and have savings accounts – no checking account! – in the bank and born in May, June, July or August. The amounts will be deposited into the accounts automatically.

In addition, you can withdraw up to $ 500 from each FGTS account, limited to the balance amount. For example, if the worker has two accounts, one with a balance of $ 120 and another with a balance of $ 1,000, he may withdraw the full amount from the first and $ 500 from the second. Thus, the total to withdraw will be $ 620.

Calendar for those who have savings accounts in the Cashier

Birthday month Payday
January, February, March, and April September 13th
May, June, July, and August September 27th
September, October, November, and December October 9th

And who doesn’t have a Lite loan account?

And who doesn

Thus, anyone who has no Lite loan account – no savings, no current – can withdraw the FGTS from October 18, according to birthday, at bank branches, ATMs and lotteries.

Calendar for those without a Cashier account

Birthday month Withdrawal Date
January October 18th
February October 25
March November 8th
April November 22
May December 6th
June December 18th
July January, 10
August January 17th
September January 24th
October February 7th
November February 14th
December March 6th


What to do with up to $ 500 from FGTS?


First, give priority to repaying or renegotiating debts that are bothering you, that is, those you can’t pay off every month with some peace of mind. Start with debts that charge higher interest rates, such as revolving credit card credit and overdraft.

However, if you have no debt that gets you sleepy, the second priority is to invest to form or supplement your emergency reserve, money to have available if something unforeseen happens and you don’t need to get into debt.


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