Web Crawling Data Collection and Analysis Help Medical Insurance Firm Deliver Value to Its Clients | Quantzig’s latest success story


LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Leading provider of analytics services, Quantzig announces the completion of its recent web crawl analytics engagement. The success story offers a comprehensive look at how they helped a leading medical insurance provider improve prices and benchmark against the competition to drive more value with the help of targeted campaigns.

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The growing need for advanced health services has led to an exponential increase in the need for medical coverages provided by insurance companies. While this offers new opportunities to gain market share, capitalizing on the opportunities requires a deep understanding of the fundamental forces driving the growth of the medical insurance industry. As such, we are now seeing an increase in the number of insurance service providers investing in data collection and web mining tools and solutions.

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Factors that prompted the medical insurance company to conduct a web crawl analysis

A drastic drop in sales and market share: Rising competition in medical insurance has proven to be a major challenge that has held back customer expansion efforts, resulting in lower sales. With increasing competitive pressure, it is crucial for insurers to adopt appropriate measures to interpret market scenarios and maintain a competitive advantage.

The inability to understand customers and generate better experiences: The lack of an automated tool to extract actionable information from websites hampered the customer’s ability to improve CX. To improve the customer experience and sales, the customer wanted to deploy a fully managed web exploration solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive analytics to acquire and analyze data.

Lack of analyzes to discover the best avenues to improve sales performance: Without a data collection and web crawling solution in place, the customer could not collect and analyze web data. And since “data” was crucial to their approach to decision-making, the client wanted to invest in suitable solutions that would help them act on the basis of data-driven information.

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How did the data collection and web crawling analysis help the insurance provider solve their problems?

Quantzig’s web analytics experts provided the customer with access to information that helped them improve pricing and promotion scenarios across multiple product categories. In addition, the analysis of data obtained from user reviews and ratings has enabled the customer to deliver added value and create tailor-made experiences for their customers. This final phase involved categorizing customers based on their engagement levels, which has proven to be the cornerstone of success, helping them design targeted campaigns to improve cross-sell opportunities and therefore sales. The solutions also enabled the customer to-

  • Analyze brand performance based on product volume in various sales ranking compartments

  • Understand the performance trends of the best products

  • Improve the approach of their sales representatives

  • Offer added value to customers

  • Analyze brand performance based on product volume

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The full web crawling data collection and analysis case study is now available.

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