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You probably haven’t noticed this. Very little of the Internet is accessible from the Google and Microsoft search platforms, and other platforms, including Amazon. Most of the Internet remains obscured. Content that resides on the Internet and cannot be accessed by conventional search engines such as Google or Bing is called the Hidden Internet. You can quickly associate it with anything antisocial, but that’s not true. A large amount of data remains inaccessible because it resides on the invisible Internet, which is further divided between the deep web and parts of the dark web.

The Deep Web can be described as the part of the Internet that requires certification to access it. It consists of a library database, email inbox, personal files containing financial, academic, health and legal data, cloud storage drive, intranet business and more. On the other hand, to access the dark web, you need to view the content using a dedicated browser such as Tor. The dark web is more secret than the regular web, which is fertile ground for the prosperity of illegal activities such as drug dealing, human trafficking and the sale of arms. Given the invisible complexity of the web, it is quite understandable that another means is needed to access the data that resides in these areas of the internet.

WWW Virtual LibraryOne of the oldest catalogs on the web, this website was started in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee, who also created the World Wide Web. A group of volunteers who manually include links.

USA.govIt is a portal that provides access to all publicly available documents required by all federal agencies and state, local or tribal governments. You can also find information on government jobs, loans, grants, taxes and more through this search engine.

notEvil dark webIf you are looking to access the dark web, this search engine can help. Search engines have .onion domain names and cannot be accessed from a regular web browser. To access dark web content, you need to use a browser such as Tor to paste hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion into the address bar. This website comes with a database of over 32 million dark websites.

Return machineThe search engine can access over 361 billion web pages on the server, allowing users to search for content that is no longer available on the web they are viewing.

PiplPipl can provide detailed images of individuals by providing access to searchable databases, membership directories, court records and other detailed Internet research content.

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Rosemary S. Bishop