The Last 6 Dark Web Search Engines for 2021


For those new to the dark web, it is almost impossible to find a website on the Tor browser or how it works and this is where dark web search engines come in handy.

For some, the dark web remains an important source of information as some people may feel much more comfortable posting there due to the anonymity it offers. However, to access the layers of data hidden within it, a search engine is a necessity.

Now we have done publish an article earlier in February this year for the best dark web search engines. But, as it is well known, most dark websites do not last long and can go offline forever. Therefore, we’re back with a new article detailing the top 5 dark web search engines currently active.


Home page of the Ahmia search engine on the dark web (Image:

Also on our previous list, remains reliable and also has a policy against any “material abuse”, something different from many other dark web search engines that also index websites with child sexual abuse content.

Ahmia is also available on the surface canvas and also supports i2p network searches. You can visit the .Onion domain of Ahmia here.

2. Dark research

The Last 6 Dark Web Search Engines for 2021

Dark search is a new addition to the list of dark web search engines. The platform claims that it is the “first real search engine of the dark web”. Dark Search allows users to search its Tor domain as well as its light web domain.

Its .onion domain is accessible here as long as the clearnet domain is available here.

3. The hidden wiki

The Last 5 Dark Web Search Engines for 2021

Hidden Wiki’s dark web search engine homepage (Image:

Okay, it’s not a literal search engine but it’s very useful. You see, every time you do a search query on a dark web search engine you are bound to see 20 spam links, then maybe 1 legitimate. This can make the research process tedious.

However, this Wiki helps solve this problem by providing a list of website directories on the dark web for you to access easily. A surface web version is also available.

Other websites that offer similar content include TorLinks and Onion Links. You can visit The Hidden Wiki by following its link .Onion here.

4. Haystack

The Last 5 Dark Web Search Engines for 2021

Haystak dark web search engine homepage (Image:

Claiming to have indexed over 1.5 billion pages comprising over 260,000 websites, Haystak would indeed stand out as an ingenious engine among the list.

It also has a paid version which offers a number of additional features such as searching using regular expressions, browsing to now-defunct Onion sites, and accessing their API.

You can’t bet they’ve got your best interests right at their fingertips, even if one of these features gives you access to a database of credit card information and email addresses as well. stolen.

You can visit Haystak by following his link .Onion here.

5. Torch

The Last 5 Dark Web Search Engines for 2021

Torch dark web search engine homepage (Image:

This too is one of those search engines that last quite a long time (since 1996) but the search results are not impressive. In the above query, I wanted to know the URL of the Facebook onion, a very simple piece of information. Still, he reported everything except that, showing how far these search engines need to go to improve.

On the other hand, it is fast and can still be useful. Nonetheless, you can visit Torch by following its link .Onion here.

6. DuckDuckGo

The Last 5 Dark Web Search Engines for 2021

DuckDuckGo dark web search engine homepage (Image:

A longtime enemy of Google, you are bound to find it on almost any search engine listing on the dark web. Still, it brings in more surface web search results than the dark web, and so the only good point we have left is the anonymity it offers. In fact, I was unable to find 1 search result on the dark web thanks to a few random queries.

You can visit DuckDuckGo by visiting its .Onion link here.

To conclude, we hope this list will help you use TOR browser more efficiently. Just be careful to avoid browsing illegal websites as this can get you in trouble with moral choice of course.

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Rosemary S. Bishop