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The world is moving towards an era revolving around technology and digital media, turning it into a global village that affects everyone. Recent cases on Facebook of breaching the privacy of its users and obstructing data to be provided to advertising companies and other third parties are proving inconvenient for users. While the arguments were well defended in Congress, Apple developers took it in hand and provided iPhones with the latest Apple transparency options that allow the user to block any website or app from using or to store data.

As many social media websites and other channels operate on their advertising dollars and one of the highest percentage sources of Facebook net income. While many search engines such as Google use a centralized system to access query results posted by users on the search box, Google has also realized the need for a decentralized search engine system and in order to put it implemented on a large scale, it made it possible to add Pre-search search engine as default options in several European countries with each new phone updated and factory reset on the channel. Although the update is not fully introduced in the rest of the world and the start from Europe with the strictest and most stingy laws allows the company to test its products with extreme settings and strain the highest. As expected, over 70% of Europeans use devices running the Android operating system, which also provides them with more than enough sample to plan for the mass release of the product in all countries, continents and all other phones. Android mobiles of the planet. .

The success of the new search engine is evident from the fact that it already has around 2.2 million users on its network, averaging 1.3 million searches per day, rising to around 300% since its inception in 2017. Even though the search engine market is heavily saturated, there are still expectations of Presearch due to its unique aspects that make it one of the search engines that experts keep a close eye on for further development. The update is in line with the complaint against Google and the European Commission action that asks Google to increase the number of default search engines on smartphones, as the review could increase if privacy continues to be raped.

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Rosemary S. Bishop