Settlement reached in fireball trick malfunction

Settlement reached in fireball trick malfunction

In July 2017, a gruesome scene unfolded at the Ohio State Fair as the Fire Ball carousel malfunctioned and ejected an entire row of runners.

One person was left dead. Seven others were injured.

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Now, seven months later, an agreement has been reached between those injured in the amusement ride malfunction and the state of Ohio.

The two parties have negotiated and agreed to a settlement, but a lawsuit must be filed and the settlement approved by the Ohio Court of Claims for the settlement to go ahead.

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Here is the motion presented at Thursday’s Ohio Exhibitions Commission meeting:

After discussion with legal counsel and in the best interest of the Ohio Expositions Commission and the State of Ohio, Mr. Andy Doehrel moved, seconded by Mr. Greg Simpson, to approve the settlement between the injured parties. by the Fire Ball accident and the State of Ohio, including the Ohio Exhibitions Commission, with the conditions being that no money comes out of the state treasury and the plaintiffs must fully release the Ohio State, including the Ohio Exhibitions Commission.

Rosemary S. Bishop