Ping search engines with urls for instant indexing

Microsoft Bing and Yandex announcement a new initiative called IndexNow which allows site owners to ping the IndexNow protocol for instant indexing with participating search engines. The participating search engines are currently only Bing and Yandex; Google is not one of them, nor are the other search engines at the moment.

There is a website at which sums up what it is: “IndexNow is a simple way for website owners to instantly notify search engines of the latest content changes on their website. In its simplest form, IndexNow is a simple ping so that search engines know that a URL and its content has been added, updated or deleted, allowing search engines to quickly reflect this change in their results. research.”

Now the method of pinging and submitting urls is quite simple and it is documented here.

To submit a URL using an HTTP request (replace with the URL provided by the search engine), send your request to the following URL: https: /// indexnow? url = url-changed & key = your-key

So for now, that would either be or

To submit a set of URLs using an HTTP request, send your JSON POST request to the URL provided by search engines. Simply replace with the hostname of the search engine. You can submit up to 10,000 URLs per post, mixing http and https URLs if necessary.

How do you make your key to verify site ownership? Two methods:

(1) Hosting a text key file in the root directory of your web host.

(2) Hosting a text key file within your web host.

As I said, only Bing and Yandex are part of it. We asked Google, but they are not part of it. Baidu, I guess not. Others may have been requested as well. For search engines to adopt the IndexNow protocol, they must agree that submitted URLs are automatically shared with all other participating search engines. To participate, search engines must have a significant presence in at least one market.

You can consult the FAQ here.

CMS platforms, CDNs, and SEO tools are all interested in working with this IndexNow protocol, I’m told.

This is not a replacement for the Bing URL Submission API, which will duplicate this effort somewhat, but the Bing URL Submission API only works with the Bing index. Additionally, it has no impact on the Bing content submission API. It appears that Bing is doubling down on the push versus pull method for indexing and trying to get other search engines to adopt it. It makes sense, it’s more of an efficient method of getting new pages – but will there be enough adoption?

FYI, I quickly activated this because this site uses CloudFlare which added support with this announcement.

Why not from Google? They have their own limited use indexing API. I suspect Google is getting a ton of crawling signals and isn’t ready to give up on those signals. Google’s John Mueller joked about the ad:

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Rosemary S. Bishop