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LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – As a leading analytics solutions provider, Quantzig has a responsibility to help its clients cope with the upheavals of the current business environment. After analyzing the challenges facing the CPG industry, Quantzig highlights new opportunities that can help CPG companies maintain their position in the market. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the CPG industry has seen a sudden increase in demand for specific products such as disinfectants and face masks. In such a scenario, the profitability of a CPG business depends on its ability to meet dynamic market demands by identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities.

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The COVID-19 crisis has provided an excellent opportunity for existing CPG manufacturers to diversify their product lines and for new entrants to gain market share. With increasing demand and the lack of suppliers to meet the demand, the market opportunity for products like face masks, hand sanitizers and other personal hygiene products has turned out to be a new area. an opportunity that no CPG manufacturer would want to miss. However, with increasing competition, exploiting the new opportunities created by the crisis is no easy task. In such a scenario, CPG companies will need to analyze their competitors’ strategies and ensure full visibility of competing products that can potentially help them gain market share. Quantzig’s proprietary web crawling and competitive analysis solutions collect, integrate, and optimize data sets to provide comprehensive visibility into the competitive landscape by pulling insights from online sources.

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According to web analytics experts at Quantzig, “Our holistic approach to web crawling and competitor analysis can help you navigate your competitor’s product lines and offerings to analyze their features, benefits and key offerings. “

Quantzig’s web crawling and competitive analysis capabilities

By automating manual efforts using advanced AI-powered web analytics solutions, we help you turn data points into contextual insights and predictions that drive business decisions.

  • Website performance evaluation

  • Social media analysis

  • Brand watch and competitive analysis

  • Ecommerce web crawling analysis

  • Competition analysis


Web crawling and text crawling engagement for a leading player in digital media industry helps increase cross-sell opportunities

A digital media service provider recently worked with Quantzig to conduct an assessment of web crawling and text crawling. The client faced significant challenges in terms of improving revenue and market share due to the intense level of competition in the media and entertainment industry space. With the help of Quantzig’s web crawling solutions, the multimedia service provider was able to benchmark its product prices against its competitors’ offerings by analyzing product performance based on sales rank and geography. Chat with our analysis experts for detailed information on the solutions.

Web crawling helps medical insurance provider add value to their customers

A well-known medical insurance provider faced challenges in improving its turnover and market share due to the intense level of competition in the medical insurance field. That’s when they approached Quantzig to leverage their web crawling expertise to improve pricing and promotion scenarios across multiple product categories. Quantzig took a three-pronged approach to web crawling that helped the insurance provider identify potential customers and design a more targeted campaign to improve cross-selling opportunities. Are you struggling to get through the crisis? Leverage innovative research-based solutions and subject matter expertise to drive innovation and deliver solutions at scale. Learn more.

How Quantzig’s web crawling and competitive analysis solutions can help your organization

Quantzig has a proven track record of serving leaders in various industries such as e-commerce, travel and hospitality, food and beverage, retail and more. Our web crawling and competitive analysis solutions incorporate advanced web analytics and scraping techniques to help businesses benchmark their performance against their competitors.

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