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For those who optimize their internal link structure, the pages with more links pointing to it tend to be the most important pages on the site. But what about other less important pages that also tend to have a lot of links to them, especially pages like about us, contact us, and TOS pages. For example, what if the contact us page has more internal links than any other page on the entire site?

Google is good enough at recognizing these types of pages as essential for a site but not crucial for ranking. And according to John Mueller, you don’t need to do anything like nofollow to these pages so that Google doesn’t care about them, or those types of pages have the most links.

No, it doesn’t have to be like that. We have a lot of practice with crawling and indexing websites and it is only normal that many sites have a contact page, or an about us page or even a terms of service page like being one of the pages with the most internal links because it’s something you might still be linked to in the footer or maybe it’s still visible in the sidebar, it’s is completely normal.

This does not mean to us that this is the most important page on the website.

This doesn’t mean to us that this is the most important page on your website, so you don’t need to manually step in and hide those links to the about us page or the terms and conditions page. use so that Google does not know them.

Mueller also points out that it’s always important to link to important new pages, so it’s not that Google will ignore them altogether. Internal links are still extremely valuable for SEO.

Having said that, if there are any important elements on your website that they are also linked to from important pages on your website. So if you are launching a new product or have some news that you want to share that you want to rank for then maybe put this link on your homepage so people can find it pretty quickly and search engines understand that this is something they should also focus on.

This is not the case where we ignore internal linking completely, but I wouldn’t worry a bit like the normal structure of a website where you have a lot of internal links to pages that are probably not the most. important to your site.

You also don’t want to index those pages. Although Mueller doesn’t mention it, people sometimes specifically search for a site’s contact us page or the about us page by doing a Google search because although they are highly visible on some sites, other brands can make them almost impossible to find on the site. himself. So consider it from a usability perspective before making any decisions to trick Google into believing that these pages aren’t important or shouldn’t be indexed.

You don’t need to use nofollow on links to your pages like the contact us page because you are worried that Google will consider them more important than other pages or consider other pages less important because of it.

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