IndexNow enables data sharing between search engines

Microsoft facilitates the implementation of the IndexNow protocol by ensuring that submitted URLs are shared between search engines simultaneously.

IndexNow was launched in October 2021 as a solution to help websites index and update their content faster in search engines.

The IndexNow protocol ensures that all URLs submitted to any The search engine compatible with IndexNow is immediately subject to all other similar search engines.

This means webmasters only need to notify an API endpoint, as all URLs will be shared with every search engine that supports the IndexNow protocol.

In addition to saving time and effort for content publishers, it helps search engines in their content discovery efforts, making the web more efficient overall.

Microsoft Bing has already started sharing IndexNow URLs with Yandex and vice-versa, and other search engines will follow after setting up the required infrastructure.

All search engines adopting the IndexNow protocol agree that submitted URLs will be automatically shared with all other participating search engines.

In an announcement, the Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools team states:

“The IndexNow protocol can help the entire search industry index its content faster, while using fewer resources. Early adoption of IndexNow can help businesses provide timely information to their users across search engines and reap the benefits of staying ahead. »

IndexNow will continue to improve as it is implemented by more websites.

The overall goal of IndexNow is to maximize search engine indexing, optimize crawl load management, and deliver the most up-to-date content to Internet users.

IndexNow is created by Microsoft and Yandex, but the protocol is open source and available to all search engines.

For more information about IndexNow, including how to implement it on your website, see the following resources:

Source:Microsoft Bing

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Rosemary S. Bishop