Huawei’s Petal Search Among Top Two Search Engines in Four MENA Countries

Dubai: Petal Search, an innovative search engine and app preinstalled on new Huawei smartphones, has become the second most used search engine in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, according to Statcounter, a leading website for Huawei. web traffic analysis.

Petal Search is available on Huawei smartphones as well as Android devices. Launched in 2020 and inspired by the Huawei logo, the search engine is highly localized, providing users with information on nearby services, shopping deals, hotels, flights, local, regional and international news, and curated content that is personalized using local data.

“Petal Search is an intuitive, results-driven and user-friendly search tool, giving users a wealth of real-time information that directly concerns them, when they need it,” said Adam Xiao, Managing Director, HMS and Consumer Cloud Service for HUAWEI Consumer Business Group MEA. “By becoming the second most used search engine in key MENA markets after its launch last year, we are on the right track with the development and evolution of Petal Search. To meet growing user demand, we will continue to improve the search engine with new features and local partners that generate results that are directly relevant to our users.

Among the innovations of Petal Search is a visual search function that can simultaneously search and detect multiple objects in an image. To improve ease of use and accessibility, the built-in voice search functionality has been extended to include Arabic and Turkish, in addition to English, Spanish and French. The search engine’s built-in app search function allows users to search directly on HUAWEI AppGallery, the market default app for Huawei devices and other third-party app sources. With Shopping Search, consumers can search for the favorite products they want to buy, then directly follow a link to make a purchase. Travel Search allows users to book flights from Petal Search, book hotels around the world, and search for information such as flight arrival times, local shopping destinations, airport outlets. electronics, games and more, delivering a completely redesigned search experience for users. Petal Search’s innovation-driven strategy will continue to leverage Huawei’s cutting-edge technology and cloud synergy capabilities, enabling users to have a unique experience, from information acquisition to information acquisition. acquisition of services. The main driving force behind the search engine is to focus on overseas markets and work with local partners to create a new global mobile search ecosystem. For more information, please visit: mobile / saudi-saudi-fin-

About Petal Search

Petal Search is a unique search engine for reading the latest news, discovering and downloading apps, games and experiences. The search engine is committed to providing a convenient and smooth experience for consumers. Petal Search provides users with a full private browsing experience and is certified by the European Privacy Seal for GDPR compliance. To download the app, click here.

Users of non-Huawei devices can download Petal Search to their mobiles here and to their desktops here.

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Rosemary S. Bishop