Hacking search engines is the new form of bank fraud dismantled by the National Police

Forget fraudulent emails or SMS, scammers are using more and more advanced deception techniques.

The National Gendarmeriethrough a statement posted on its website, reported the arrest of 45 peoplein Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Murcia and Cartagena, which reached Cheat on €600,000 to nine victims, spread throughout our country. Suspected fraudsters will be charged with membership in a criminal organization, false documents, identity theft and computer fraud, using vishing to commit online scams.

The last method of bank fraud is much more elaborate and difficult to detect. unsplash

A search engine, paid positioning and a more complicated scam to detect

The method used defrauding his victims consisted in create web pages that simulate real banking entities and position themagainst payment, between first results of one searcher whose name is unknown, we imagine that the company will be aware of the seriousness of the case and the security problem that this poses for its users. In this way, when the snatched future requested access to your online account, you may find yourself enter the fake web and granting their credentials and the to access the system to the criminal organization.

The last method of bank fraud is much more elaborate and complicated to detect.

The last method of bank fraud is much more elaborate and difficult to detect. unsplash

The The next stepby the fraudsters, was to access the real bank websiteit was also not specified which financial entities were attacked, and obtain the Data necessary to be able to request a duplicate of the SIM card and thus access the telephone line of the victim, in a scam called SIM card exchange. Thanks to this last step, the fraudsters were able to carry out operations on the online account of their victims, such as the withdrawal of funds vague credit application instantaneous. that yes, the rapid police interventionthe closing of the fraudulent pages, avoided a greater number of victims.

At present, access to an individual’s personal online account is not sufficient to be able to carry out transactions, because the double check factor, one of the ten commandments of the FBI to get out of possible hacks, is increasingly present. This is why the SIM card exchange is the obligatory move for this type of crooks, which, in addition, grants them a sufficient time enough to carry out their scam and prevent the victim from being able to act and protect themselves.

Rosemary S. Bishop