Google says, warns of too many internal links


Google’s John Mueller explains that using too many internal links on the same page can dilute their value. On the other hand, it reviews what really needs to be done. This topic was brought up during the discussion during the Google Search Central SEO Hangout on July 2, 2021. Site owner submits question to see if there are dangers associated with using too many internal links .

Internal links are very important to the ORS. It sends signals to Google on the most important pages for a particular website. They don’t send the same ranking as signals and external links. But it still matters.

Google uses internal links to better understand the structure of a site. A site map is also useful for communicating information. But a logical structure of the links helps to clarify it. So, is it bad with all too many internal links? Mueller replied that using links on a website too liberally can lead to various problems. Google will not understand the structure of the site in such cases.

Links are used to make the structures of the site more understandable. However, using too many links will dilute their importance. An internal link can send a signal to Google that a page is very important to the website. But adding more links makes it less important. If there are 20 internal links on the page, then they will not be treated with the same importance.

According to Mueller, site owners should aim to have a structure for internal links, which resembles the structure of a site. It looks like the home page> category page> services page> quote request page.

If you add the links to the blog post; you can add contextual links related to articles on the site. Some of the links are good, but more is not better. You can send stronger signals with even fewer links.


Rosemary S. Bishop