Google says Rel Sponsored is not necessary for internal links to affiliate product reviews

You do not need to follow or use a rel sponsored attribute on your internal links, even if those internal links lead to sponsored reviews with affiliate links to those products.

Lily Ray asked John Mueller from Google about this and John said that halfway through link attributes are not needed, on Twitter.

Lily asked “If you have pages on your site that offer a sponsored review of a brand/product with affiliate links (and that’s the whole point of the page), the internal links to those should pages contain attributes (rel=sponsored, etc.)?”

John replied “Nah, in site isn’t really a problem, since you’re just linking from one part of your site to the other part.” He added “I’ll try not to think about it when I’m not fully awake. How recursive is a sponsored link?”

Here are those tweets:

I honestly never thought about not even following or sponsoring links to internal content with affiliate links. Sure, add them to outbound affiliate links, but linking to pages on your site that contain affiliate links seems like a “double fence” that might not be necessary here.

So this question and this answer were new to me.

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Rosemary S. Bishop