Goggle and 9 Ridiculous Off-Brand Anime Search Engines Based on Google

Product placement in anime is known to be both bizarre and hilarious. Due to the cost of presenting official brand names, anime production studios are forced to get creative and come up with a variety of alternate names for each product that characters can use in order to avoid using the official names of well-known brands.

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Google is used quite frequently in everyday life; therefore, its inclusion in the anime and manga was seemingly inevitable. However, this well-known search engine is certainly no exception to the humorous name changes animators have come up with over the years.

ten Goggle can help you find all the answers, even in troubled waters

Hyperdimension Neptunia Vert talks to IF about how she "Eyeglasses" An antidote recipe

The 2013 anime Hyperdimension Neptunia the source material was a video game of the same title. As is the case with most modern anime, the characters are seen using a search engine at some point in order to find an answer to a question they might have.

Although the name change of this anime is more minor compared to the other changed spellings of the famous search engine, Neptunia from Hyperdimension equivalent to Google is nevertheless laughable. In this anime and the corresponding video game, “Google” is replaced with the simple alternative “Goggle”.

9 Just run a quick search on Geegle

Prison School computer lab, colors are distorted.

Prison school takes place in an all-girls boarding school with a prison for unruly students who break the rules. This anime has a reputation for showing all the humor of the story in a weird and unpredictable way.

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As expected, the moves of specific brand names offered by the production studio are certainly no exception to the bizarre atmosphere of the anime. In the case of Prison school, “Geegle” suffices as a counterfeit humorous alternative to the standard “Google”.

8 Gooble can give you all the answers

The search engine, Gooble, of Aura: Maryuuinkouga Saigo no Tatakai

The Animated Slice of Life Aura: Maryuinkouga Saigo No Tatakai focuses on the romance of middle school students Ichirou Satou and Ryouko Satou. It features many variations on commonly used brand names, as you would expect from an anime set in the present day.

Google, of course, is no exception to the target of yet another name variation. In Aura: Maryuinkouga Saigo No Tatakai, “Google” becomes the “Gooble” search engine.

seven Searching for science experiments on Goodle

Search Engine, Goodle, of Steins;Gate.  Search queries related to Dr. Nakabachi's experiments appear.

The Popular Science Adventure Series Steins;Door features a number of real-life references, ranging from quirky bloggers claiming to travel back in time to clunky computers from the 70s. wacky than others.

Google is included in the ranks of real references with name variations in Steins;Door. In this case, “Google” replaces the direct alternative “Goodle”.

6 It’s like a gaagle of geese

Tomoko from Watamote in front of the blue light of a computer, smiling.

No matter how I see it, it’s your fault I’m not popular is a slice-of-life anime that centers on the socially inept 15-year-old protagonist, Tomoko Koroki. In the anime, Tomoko believed she would be immensely popular when she entered high school, only to run into the harsh reality that nothing would really change for her social status.

As you would expect from a slice of life anime, there are a lot of everyday goods that have their place in this anime, just with hilarious alternate names. In this anime, “Google” is replaced with the hilarious “Gaagle” variant.

5 Information seekers use Qeeqle

The search engine, Qeeqle, from New Game!

New game! centers on the protagonist, Aoba Suzukaze, as she works at a company called Eagle Jump, which created her all-time favorite video game. As she works alongside others who share her passion for gaming, audiences quickly pick up on all the not-so-subtle variations of the brand’s name.

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In this anime, “Google” becomes the ridiculous “Qeeqle”. In the anime, Aoba uses the Qeeqle search engine to search for a double-tailed person, just like her.

4 If you have a question, just Glegoo It

Character using a search engine called "Glegoo" on a white laptop

A Certain Magical Clue: The Miracle of Endymion is a film centered on a high school student named Touma Kamijou. He meets singer Arisa Meigo, as a number of unusual things begin to happen in her town.

Regardless of the plot, this is a modern anime. Therefore, many brands placed in the film are emerging through butchered and counterfeit names. In the case of Google, it is replaced by the humorous “Glegoo” to take its place.

3 Concerned citizens turn to Moogle for research

The search engine, Moogle, of My Hero Academia

In season 3, episode 24 of my hero academia, society is reeling from the transition from All Might to Endeavor as the new number one pro-hero. This major transition between hero personalities left people shocked, as they no longer had a hero to call their symbol of peace.

Naturally, people are taking to the internet to research Endeavour, revealing just how poorly this fiery hero is being received by audiences. In this case, people search for Endeavor and find hateful articles against it on a search engine called “Moogle”, rather than the notorious “Google”.

2 Finding the truth about Deluoodle

A desktop computer from Chaos;Head.  Advertisements can be seen on the side of the monitor.

As a member of Steins;Door series, Chaos;Head features many references to actual products and events, including well-known brands. While Steins;Door presents the simple “Goodle” as a pirated alternative, Chaos;Head opts for the search engine to reflect the plot elements.

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Therefore, the result is “Deluoodle” replacing the famous “Google”. Deluoodle refers to the delusions that take place in this anime. It even offers its own version of Google Maps called Deluoode Map System.

1 Learn more about video games thanks to Uoogre

The search engine, Uoogre, used in Hunter X Hunter.

In episode 42 of Hunter X Hunter, Gon, Killua and Leorio are researching a video game called “Greed Island”. The search engine they use is called “Uoogre”, a hilarious misspelling of “Google” that’s nearly impossible to pronounce and absurdly funny to watch.

While some fans claim that Uoogre is simply written in the language system found in the world of Hunter X Hunter, it is undeniable that Uoogre is really the top of the well-known brands that are pirated in anime.

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