Firefox 88 makes it easier to juggle multiple search engines (APK Download)

Firefox for Android is widely deployed now

Firefox is the last remaining browser with its own rendering engine, which gives it an important role in keeping the Internet open and standardized. Following the release of a completely rewritten and redesigned version of the browser on Android, Mozilla has stuck to regular release schedules over the past year, and that also doesn’t change with the latest version, Firefox 88. The new version is now rolling out through the Play Store, but you can also get it from Mirror APK right now.

Mozilla reports that it fixed a bug in Firefox for Android that prevented some fullscreen videos from working properly on websites using a office window, something that shouldn’t happen too often but can be incredibly boring if you do come across it.

When you start typing, your search engines will appear as suggestions.

A more interesting change relates to search engines. When you start typing the name of one of your custom search engines (as defined in Firefox’s search settings), a suggestion to use that engine will appear at the top of your screen. Tap on it and you can start searching for an article on Wikipedia or a product on Amazon, for example. Alternatively, you can always use the “Search Engine” shortcut at the top of the address bar to select what you want to search for from a list.

Version 88 is also the first version of Firefox to completely disable FTP by default, and Mozilla is looking to completely remove file transfer protocol support in Firefox 90, a process Google has already completed in Chrome. You will need a dedicated FTP browser to access remote servers in the future. There are also a few other changes primarily relevant to developers, like support for new CSS classes and JavaScript enhancements.

Unfortunately, we did not detect support for any new add-ons in the Android version of the browser, so you will need to continue using the Nightly version of the browser if you need more than the small amount of green extensions. Meanwhile, the desktop version gets a new neat change that preserves confidentiality revolving around data leakage from one website to another.

Firefox 88 for Android is slowly becoming available on the Play Store for everyone now that the official launch date of April 19 has passed. If it is not yet available to you, you can download it from Mirror APK.

UPDATE: 2021/04/2009: 09 PDT BY MANUEL VONAU

Search engine shortcut

Updated with the new Firefox Custom Search Engine Trigger on Android.

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