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LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Quantzig’s global team of web crawling experts with deep domain expertise have a proven track record in identifying and implementing web analytics best practices to create organizations focused on knowledge in a wide range of industries including CPG and retail, banking, insurance, telecommunications, media and entertainment, e-learning, healthcare, and oil and gas. Over the past few years, Quantzig has worked on several web crawl and scrape projects to help CPG clients keep pace with their niche market trends and increase their competitiveness.

  • Develop and implement a data collection and collection solution for a US-based CPG company that needed to streamline their processes

  • Designed an automated web data recovery dashboard for a Germany-based consumer packaged goods manufacturer to save time and cost in data acquisition and analysis

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Gone are the days of leveraging traditional methodologies to drive business results, advancements in technology have given rise to a new paradigm shift that has dramatically altered the way businesses operate. Realizing the potential of web data in the development of advanced business applications, companies are relying more than ever on the information gathered from web data to create new products, deliver new services and improve business processes. business. By leveraging web data and viewing competitor’s websites as the most valuable source of information, these companies make sure they stay one step ahead. Web mining solutions allow companies to extract data from a website and turn it into meaningful models and statistics that form the basis of decision making in the CPG industry. Read the full article to find out more: bit.ly/37hwqys

Key points to remember:

  • Using web crawling and scraping solutions can tap into the voice of the customer and respond with greater precision
  • Quantzig’s proprietary web crawling techniques provide full visibility into the competitive landscape
  • Scratching and web crawling allow businesses to crawl and extract information from catalogs and product listings

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According to the web data analytics experts at Quantzig, “COVID-19 The crisis has created new opportunities for CPG manufacturers to diversify their product lines and increase their market share.

3 key use cases for crawling and web scraping in the CPG industry

Use case 1: Proactive identification of market opportunities

Use case 2: Monitoring of competing prices

Use case 3: Product catalog follow-up

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