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Whether you are looking for a job or considering changing jobs for a better career path, you have come to the right page. The job search these days can be overwhelming with the presence of a bunch of career websites.

The best job search engines include Indeed, Linked in, Recruiter Zip, and a few more which we’ll reveal as you read on. We’ll give you an overview of what job search engines are and which will get you the most interviews. When it comes to the major search engines, here’s a quick rundown of the best search engines on the web.

  1. Indeed – Most recommended
  2. Career builder – The most categorized and customizable
  3. Linked in – Most used by engineers and technicians
  4. Glass door – Most trusted on salary and employer research
  5. Simply Hired – Most employer customizations
  6. To get a job – Most hourly positions
  7. Monster – Most of the hotlines
  8. Zip Recruiter – The most advanced
  9. Connect – Most up to date
  10. Robert Demi – The most normal
  11. Google for jobs – The easiest to use

What is a job search engine?

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Those days were all about using modern recruiting software that we all know as job search engines. By definition, job search engines are job search tools from different sites, associations, company websites, and job boards. The days of classifieds are over. Job seekers are looking for a more organized and synthesized way to apply to dozens of job openings.

For years, the best job search engines have evolved providing you with job postings and other useful content that you can make full use of as you move towards your job. Along with thousands of ads, job search engines are now equipped with additional resources such as blog posts with helpful interview tips, CV customization, cover letter writing tips, and career coaching.

What are the top job search engines of 2021?

Best Job Search Engines For Career Search

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There are hundreds if not thousands of job search sites online. This is good news for those applying for jobs because it means that there are also thousands of vacancies. Looking at tons of job boards can test you because it can be overwhelming. Here we have compiled the best job search engines, so by the end of this article you have already decided where to post your resume to get the job of your dreams.


Launched in 2004 to help with the job search, Indeed is now the largest and most popular job search engine with 250 million users every month. Although the yard is the largest, that’s not the only reason it’s the most recommended.

It all comes down to the total number of industries served and the frequency of updates. Being updated, it has millions of job postings from different companies and websites. The site has a company reviews section and a salary comparison tool that will help you a lot in your decision making before signing that contract.

Career builder

This job search engine has been around for 20 years. Its advantage among others is its highly customizable search options. You can quickly refine your search to see job postings that exactly match your search.

Career builder also publishes job offers that come directly from employers and not from other sites. They also work with local news sources to be able to post their job vacancies.


This job search portal has been online since 2003 and is still growing with a database of 740 million users. LinkedIn offers a digital CV platform, thousands of opportunities and a social networking tool. Its advantage over other job websites? You have the option of adding recruiters and other business people to your network.

It’s the only job search engine that allows you to connect directly with recruiters. Besides the networking benefit, it also offers LinkedIn learning where you can take an online course. Job seekers in engineering and technology departments report that this job search engine is best for them. He has thousands of tech jobs on his lists.

Glass door

This job search engine was founded in 2008 with the company’s mission to promote honest company reviews and pay transparency. Although it started out as a review and assessment site, Glass door now has 70 million business reviews, 9 million open positions and 1.3 million employers.

You can have a good outlook on your next work environment as you can read in-depth information about each company’s culture, salary, CEO, and benefits. You must first register before you can start searching.

Simply Hired

This job search site compiles web job postings and job boards, niche job websites and career pages. You can also search by category based on your business preferences, corporate culture, eco-friendly business, or businesses that favor hiring veterans.

And the list of the best job search portals goes on …

To get a job

To get a job is the best job site for job seekers of positions and hourly roles. The site boasts of its 100 million registered users and 700,000 employers. In addition to its easy-to-use interface, their hourly publications make it easier for job seekers as the number of advertisements increases.

Their positions are mostly hourly, in hospitality, healthcare, customer service, security, retail and food delivery. You can choose to use the “Urgent Recruitment” filter to see results near your region or locality.


The oldest and pioneer of all job search engines, like Monster has been around since 1994. With 29 resumes and 7,900 job searches every minute, it has long been one of the trusted references for finding employment. Only that, their system hasn’t evolved much with fewer job filters and job opportunities.

Ditto with Indeed, Monster offers all levels of work, from part-time to full-time in all areas of work. It also offers job comparison tools and salary platforms but only on their premium account, and you have to pay to activate these features.

Zip Recruiter

The name of this job search engine offers a job search by location and keywords. Zip Recruiter also has a ‘Get recruited’ option, in which companies can contact you after registering your details. They claim this rare option, and we’ll let you try.


This job search engine has compiled millions of job postings on company websites with labor market data and analysis every day. Link Up also provides full details about the company you are applying for, including their occupation code, industry code, reference data, and ticker.

They also update their site daily, so there is no chance that you will apply for a position that is already filled. You can also refine your job search by state, city, or zip code.

Robert Demi

This job search engine is not only available online, but they also have their mobile app, like Indeed. You can find a wide range of job postings that you can filter based on your job preferences on both platforms.

Most jobs posted also show the starting salary offered by the company. This is an important factor to consider for your application. In addition to these, Robert Half also provides resources with blogs containing advice on finding a job and advice on career development.

Google for jobs

Using this job search engine is as easy as using Google when looking for something. Like other job websites, Google for Jobs indexes job postings from websites. Job results also include details like salary information and company ratings.

Its advantage over others is that it narrows down your search results to the most relevant and only displays one listing for each open position so you don’t get overwhelmed with your job search.

Specialized job search engines

Best Job Search Engines For Career Search

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This is where niche job sites come in. While it’s good to check out all of your available options, for some they still wanted to do some straightforward, straightforward job searches.

These job portals are career and industry specific. In addition, you will have less competition because less people visit these sites, you will get more meaningful jib results without needing to filter.

  • University recruiter – Perfect for young graduates looking for entry-level jobs and students looking for internships
  • List of angels is for job seekers looking for startups to build their profile, network, and make connections.
  • Hiring – If you are a tech professional and you have a profile registered on this job portal, recruiters are the ones who contact you based on the recruiter’s job postings.
  • Behance – If you are a designer or web professional, this is the perfect place to show off your portfolios online and find opportunities.

Other niche sites

  • Idealistic – People who are looking for charitable and non-profit work, you will find volunteer opportunities here.
  • Mediabistro – If you are in the creative and advertising department or looking for jobs in the media or as a journalist.
  • Jobs in the United States – This job portal is the official website of the Federal Government and offers entry level opportunities and positions for highly skilled and experienced professionals
  • We work remotely – This job site offers work for digital nomads who like to work anywhere

Key to take away

Doing a job search can be an easy task, but you are armed with the right knowledge of the best job search engines. With so many useful features on every job site, you can make full use of them to your advantage to get the most relevant results for your job search. Mobile apps are also available and you can turn on their notifications for job alerts.

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