Best green search engines 2022: Ecosia and other online green tools

Search engines can also be used to help recover the planet. For some, using environmentally friendly online research tools is not a big deal.

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But, if many people practice this habit, it will really have a huge effect. If you are constantly surfing the Internet, you might as well try these eco-friendly search engines.

Best Green Search Engines 2022

MakeUseOf has provided the top five green search engines that you, your family and friends can use daily. Just like Google and other popular browsing tools, these search software templates can also help you find the things you’re looking for online:

Best green search engines 2022: Ecosia and other online green tools

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  1. ocean heroes
    • Ocean Hero is a search engine that focuses on saving marine organisms. The company partners with other organizations specializing in marine life and the environment.

  2. Ecosia
    • Ecosia is the complete opposite of Ocean Hero. This search tool aims to plant as many trees as possible. Once people use it, their research activities will lead to planting trees. You can even create an account to see the trees planted with your help.

  3. Rapusia
    • Created by the Tennis World Foundation, Rapusia focuses on helping the social environment. The company explained that 50% of the funds generated from advertisements and research will be used to solve hunger, provide clean water, protect stray animals and preserve biodiversity reserves.

  4. Elliot for water
    • The “Elliot For Water” search engine aims to provide safe drinking water to communities in need, especially those in developing countries. As for revenue, 60% of its funds will be used to support solar power and other renewable energy sources.

  5. Ekoru
    • Ekoru is a research tool which aims Ecosia and Ocean Hero. This means that the company behind it is helping with reforestation, as well as cleaning up the water. The company said 60% of its revenue will be used for seagrass replanting, reforestation and other similar activities.

Other environmentally friendly online activities

Using green search engines is just one of the eco-friendly online habits you can adopt. Apart from that, YouMatter provided other similar habits:

  • Avoid video streaming for a long time.
  • Make sure only essential files are stored in your online storage.
  • Delete unnecessary emails.
  • Maintain your gadgets as much as possible.

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