6 Best Private Search Engines to Secure Anonymous Browsing in 2022

When it comes to major search engines – such as Google, Bing, Microsoft Edge and Firefox – we consumers are essentially agreeing to a deal based on a necessary evil: these platforms deliver efficient browsing experiences, but in return collect data about us, and even track us. For the most part, this is acceptable, but for those more privacy-conscious, it may be tempting to seek out alternative search engines that guarantee privacy and anonymity. With that in mind, read on for our list of the best (and free) private search engines in 2022.

#1 DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo (2008) is one of the most popular private search engines, with 10 million daily searches. It has a simple and user-friendly design, and best of all, there are no ads.

It comes with a browser extension, which you can use to keep your browsing private. DuckDuckGo also does not participate in the tracking of its users or the sharing of their data. It also has a feature called “!bang”, which allows users to directly search other websites, such as Wikipedia and Amazon.

#2 SearX

SearX (2014) is an effective meta search engine. It offers what the platform calls a “decentralized” approach to the Internet. It aggregates results from over 70 search engines, providing accurate results without user tracking, profiling or cookies. The search engine is simple, but very fast. It’s also fully customizable – users can host it on their server, acting as their own personal search engine.

#3 Start Page

StartPage (1998) is an internet veteran and continues to be the first choice for many users. This Dutch-based search engine is the best alternative to Google, using the same search results but without saving any user data. It also does not share anything with third parties. StartPage also offers advanced filtering to make your browsing experience easier. Available as a Chrome and Firefox extension, it has three key features:

  • HTTPS support that only delivers results from trusted websites;
  • Proxy server that hides your IP address;
  • URL generator that eliminates the need for cookies.

#4 Ecosia

Ecosia (2009) presents itself as the environmentally conscious search engine. Unlike other platforms, Ecosia is carbon neutral. Powered by Bing, Ecosia uses its generated revenue to plant trees – as you browse, you could be helping the environment! Apart from the ecological aspect, it is also an effective search engine in its own right, with 20 million users. As you would expect, it does not track your information or share it. Ecosia also offers a nifty phone app.

#5 Qwant

Qwant (2011) is another popular private search engine. Founded and based in France, Qwant has a nice user-friendly interface. As with other entries, Qwant does not log its users’ search activity or share data with third parties.

The results of the platform are organized into three categories: news, web and social networks. Qwant also has a dedicated AI with which music lovers can discover new songs and new artists. Families also appreciate its “Qwant Junior” section, which offers child-friendly navigation.

#6 Search for disconnection

Disconnect Search (2013) is an interesting group, founded by former Google and NSA employees. They are firmly on the activist side when it comes to private browsing, having worked with the likes of The New York Times and The Washington Post in investigative journalism.

Disconnect Search is essentially a proxy (similar to a VPN), which redirects search results from other browsing platforms, but anonymously. The platform blocks sites that track your data and loads pages faster than average. It also allows users to view advertising requests. The engine is basic, with no filters or settings, but very fast and efficient.

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Rosemary S. Bishop